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Changes in Products and Sizing

Within the next couple of weeks you'll see a couple changes to our store. First, we will be adding a new size! Currently we have child and adult, and we will be adding a youth size! This in-between size will also be a better fit for adults with small heads like myself. This will make our options Small (child), Medium (youth), and Large (adult). The small will be 6 inches wide (same as the current child size), the medium will be 6.75 inches wide, and the large will be 7.5 inches wide (same as the current adult size). In addition to this, we are working on adding new colors for our cotton gauze! We know it's hard to keep track of whose mask is who's, and colors make being forced to wear a face diaper just a little less crappy.

As we add more sizes and colors, we will be discontinuing some of our other less breathable options. Our linen and polyester masks will not be available for purchase any longer. These fabrics are just not super breathable and that's not what we're about. We hope the addition of color options in cotton gauze will make this change worth while!

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