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A Battle Won

Well it's March 2022 and it's been months since we've given an update. We have been slammed since our friend Michael Malice has been spreading the good word about our breathable masks on podcasts all across the nation. Malice is the real deal, a true genuine person, who just loved our product and had to leave his positive reviews all over the internet. And for that, our small family business is immensely grateful.

Things really got crazy in October when Malice mentioned Minimally Compliant Masks on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast (featured on the home page). The word spread like lightning and domestic and international orders skyrocketed. We encountered some shipping delays and are so grateful for our wonderful customers for their patience as we worked as fast as we could to ship their breathable masks as quickly as possible.

The last few weeks we have been seeing mask mandates lifting all over the US, a huge victory! I believe the truck convoy freedom-fighters in Canada have made a huge impact in helping straighten out some of our politicians. Of course this could easily be a charade as they need good ratings for the upcoming elections. Not to mention the with the current Russia/Ukraine conflict the media has new carrots do dangle on their sticks in front of our faces. But for the time being, we still have tons of inventory that we will be selling at a huge discount. (Side note, I know they're pricey. Why? That border that makes our masks so sturdy so they keep shape and stay in place -- that binding is expensive).

As mentioned on our new home page, you probably won't hear a lot of business owners say this, but please don't use our product unless absolutely necessary. Our inconspicuous Cotton Gauze masks are a blessing to those who are forced to wear a muzzle at work, but for the love of liberty, please do not wear it to a store with a two-year-old "please wear a mask" sign taped on the door. Our Cotton Gauze masks are not for people-pleasing the mask-hole tyrants. If your city is still under mandate and you would like to wear a breathable mask, be brave and make a statement! The Mesh, Fishnet, Lace and Chiffon masks are perfect for wearing a "mask" when required in arbitrary places. We must stand together with the business owners, large and small, the majority of them don't want to be forcing masks either. I mean seriously, is Covid even a thing anymore?

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