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I am voting your business as the best business of 2021. Seriously. The world needs a whole lot more of this. I'm laughing out loud over here at some of the insults people have sent you and at the descriptions throughout your pages. THIS IS THE KIND OF FREEDOM AMERICA NEEDS! May God continue to bless you and your business. Thank you for looking out for American freedom.

Someone could pass wind next to me and I guarantee not a single fart molecule would be filtered out as I inhale through these bad boys. Forget those stupid reviews on Amazon describing their face diaper as breathable, *this* is breathable!



Thank you for creating these breathable masks. I would not have made it through this crazy time without them. I am asthmatic and I feel like I’m suffocating in a regular mask, I get really light headed and feel like I’m about to pass out. My boyfriend is being forced to wear a mask at work and he has a diminished lung capacity due to a heart condition. Today I sent him a link to this site. The mask holes might say you are killing people but you’re actually saving people like us.


Nicely done! Thankful people like you know how to keep it real in times of misinformation, disinformation, shaming based on said misinformation, the general dumbing down of the population, and that you can keep your wits about you when so many are being turned into sheeple. I have laughed my a** off at your website and its creativity, the commentary by some of its visitors, and I bought a couple of masks for myself. Fishnet is brilliant. Bravo!


This was a great way to virtue signal and still be able to breathe. My husband, lightheaded after a long masked meeting, wants one now too, so I'm going to have to buy him one. Thanks a bunch for making this product!!


I just received my two masks. They are amazing and I am so excited! My son's first thing when I put it on was "I can finally breathe!" So thank you.


I don't know who you are. But I love you.
~ A person with severe asthma


LOVE THIS MASK!!! “Regular” masks don’t keep the virus in anyway, so why risk hypoxia, hypercapnia, and greater chance of infecting YOURSELF???



Dumb American company obviously

WTF is wrong with you people...

You're a dumb piece of s*** and selling these masks are going to get people killed. You should be ashamed of yourself but I know you don't have the brain cells to recognize how idiotic you're being.

You're pathetic. there's nothing rebellious about general compassion towards your fellow Americans who need to be protected. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Irresponsible little plague rat making a buck off people's entitlement and stupidity.

F*** you a** h***. You are begging for people to die.

You're a fool and I hope you realize it before you teach your children to be like you are, or get someone hurt.

You’ll be able to make people breathe better by preventing them from irreparable lung tissue damage when they catch covid by seeing actual face masks instead of this b*** s***.

Hate has no home here. I stand with all pro-maskers when I say I am gay and proud to wear a mask! Shame on you! BLM!

I am praying for you to realize that you are endangering people and I hope you develop a conscience.

Go back to the sewers you rats, where you and your members deserve to live, AWAY from anyone attempting to fix this pandemic.

Terrible product. Does not help protect in a global pandemic. Use a real mask, your blood will be just as “oxygenated”.

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