About Us

Minimally Compliant Masks was created for people who cannot safely wear masks due to health concerns or who simply refuse to comply with unconstitutional, unscientific mandates. The idea sprouted after my husband and I both had experiences nearly passing out while shopping in stores while resentfully wearing required masks. My husband decided to go into a fabric store and bring home a yard of fishnet and asked me to make a mask out of it. I started making fishnet masks for friends, but when I realized there were so many people desperate for air I quickly expanded my platform to accommodate the need. Like other like-minded people, I previously sold my breathable masks on Etsy, but after my breathable mask listings were forcibly removed, was born! For months, I marketed mostly by word-of-mouth on Facebook, but unsurprisingly they also shut me down. Facebook didn't just target my business page, they permanently disabled my personal account to completely shut me up.


The fight for air is only getting worse with continual government overreach. Many state and local governments have mandated masks. State Health Departments are threatening businesses if they don't enforce their mask mandates, even for employees or patrons with health conditions. So if your livelihood depends on you wearing a muzzle, my hope is you at least wear a breathable one. Now you can keep your job and your grocery store while maintaining your ability to breathe. Although, there is nothing more I would like than to see free people living their lives maskless. I cannot stress enough how I believe it is so important to take a stand against these power-hungry elites mandating one-size-fits-all medical solutions. Please, take courage and go maskless whenever possible. Be brave, and tell the mask-police at the door "no thanks" when they ask you to put on a mask. I believe we are the majority, and our voice needs to be heard if we want to make a change and slow the spread of the virus of tyranny.

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"IDK like f*** you I guess. Why would you sell these things to the idiots on the internet?"

"You know these are all useless right?"

"You disgust me and I hope you catch covid you plague rat mother f*****."


"I hope you drown in your own blood. And I hope you have the f****** decency to do it alone."

"Your store is idiotic and dangerous. You should be thoroughly embarrassed from the fact that you simply exist."

"You are a bad person."

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